Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Riding the Rollercoaster of Emotion

Out of all the toughest things we do in our lives, I believe handling emotion is our biggest hurdle. Feelings are thrust upon us by our brains.
Have you experienced a time when you don't want to feel what you are feeling just because either it's irritating or even inappropriate?
Being angry or jealous or lonely or sad saps my energy. It's such a mental drain. Then there are some emotions you can't put a name to. What do you call the feeling you experience when your so called best friend is now dating your ex-boyfriend? You aren't angry for it's not like you own him. You aren't jealous because you are much more happier now.
But still the situation doesn't feel right. There's something that keeps nagging and is unpleasant and a headache like a broken fingernail that keeps snagging on your hair and clothes.
Jealousy is a whopper of an emotion. Am sure our bodies go into survival mode and pump all the glucose to the brain to keep the cells from shrivelling up and dying from the huge strain.
But what are you to do?  You are at the mercy of those emotions. But you can decide whether to let them overwhelm you and make you miserable or let them go away entirely.
I call it being indifferent.  It's the best way to be to achieve peace of mind. Just let go. Ignore. Make peace with yourself and whoever  or whatever is the trigger. It's such a relief. You realise it's just not worth it.
And that in the pursuit of happiness,  not letting your feelings or to be specific, your unpleasant or unwanted feelings get in the way, is a task akin to scaling Mount Everest. But remember,  just like scaling Mount Everest,  it's doable.

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